William F. Wu

Wu, Wu, Wu -- Whoo!

Wu Trio

William F. Wu joins Hugo Fan Artist nominee Frank Wu, and magician and book dealer William G. Wu at Westercon, 2002. Actually, William F. and William G., who have know each other for some years, happened across each other in the hall in the evening and started talking. After a few minutes, Frank -- who had never met either of them but had been looking for William F. -- came around the corner and met them. Bill G. has been collecting autographs and art work on a deck of cards, and received Bill F.'s autograph and a drawing from Frank, which he created right in this hallway. At Frank's urging, Bill F. wrote a haiku for the occasion later that night, as follows:

Deja, Deja Wu

Art, science fiction
random particles collide.
Wu, Wu, Wu all 'around




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