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This is a poetry collection by Bill's mother, who uses her maiden name, Cecile M. Franking, as her pen name. One, "Heredity," first appeared in Good Housekeeping magazine and is about Bill as a toddler. Over all, the poems cover a wide range of topics. Many refer to her mixed racial heritage, from her Chinese father and her mother of British ancestry, and her childhood in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Other poems are topical, referring to social events in the past half century.

Bill's Father

William Q. Wu, M.D.

The Cover of Monsoon Season

Bill's father, William Q. Wu, M.D., had his autobiography, Monsoon Season, published in 1996. He recounts his early childhood in a Chinese peasant village in Toisan, his later childhood in the Chinatown of Philadelphia, and later his experiences as a surgeon with the 22nd Field Hospital of the U.S. Army, on campaign against the Japanese in World War II. He was awarded a Bronze Star during the war for treating wounded soldiers under fire. After the war, in Kansas City, Missouri, he became the first nonwhite doctor to break the color line in the segregated local medical society.




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