William F. Wu

Career Mementoes

Will & Roy

Bill presents a copy of Hong on the Range to Roy Rogers at the Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum at its original site in Victorville, California, in 1996. Roy is holding a framed enlargement of a picture of Bill dressed up as a cowboy when he was very young. Bill says, "Roy was just as pleasant and modest as he always appeared on screen. He obviously enjoyed meeting the public and adding a little running commentary about the items in his museum as people walked around. Meeting him was a childhood dream come true."

Kid Wu

This is the picture Bill gave to his childhood idol, Roy Rogers. Bill was dressed for a ride in the American Royal Parade in Kansas City, Missouri, where he rode in a wagon with other kids in western clothes. The theme of their wagon was that they had all had their polio shots. (Does this kid look mean or what?)

Wu Walker

Bill presented a paper at the tenth annual International Space Development Conference at San Antonio, Texas, in 1991, where he met former space shuttle astronaut Charlie Walker. Walker was president of the National Space Society at that time and Bill says, "Walker is friendly, funny, and -- so to speak -- very down to earth."

Wu & The Scream Queen

Bill visits with Brinke Stevens, one of the original scream queens, at a science fiction convention. He adds, "I'm glad she didn't scream when I said, 'Hi.'"

Damon Knight

Damon Knight and Kate Wilhelm are shown at the Clarion Workshop in Science Fiction and Fantasy in 1974, which Bill attended.

Takei & Wu

During graduate school, Bill participated with East Wind, an Asian American student group, in bringing a photography display of the Japanese American internment camps to the University of Michigan. George Takei of the original "Star Trek" television series appeared as keynote speaker. Above, Takei makes introductory remarks at a reception as Bill stands to his right after introducing him. Bill recalls that Takei "kindly waived his normal speaking fee for the sake of the event."

IB Singer

Isaac Bashevis Singer, the 1978 Nobel Prize laureate in literature, holds a bag of homentashen brought by Bill, partially blocked to Singer's right, at the Conference on the Fantastic in Literature in Boca Raton, Florida, in 1980. Singer was the author guest of honor at the conference. Bill delivered the gift from the mother of a friend and took back an autographed thank-you note Singer wrote on a napkin. At the conference, Bill gave a short story reading and presented a scholarly paper, both first-time experiences for him.




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