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Area 51

The moon shines through the branches of a Joshua tree at the campground Bill and his companions set up a short distance away from the Area 51 perimeter on public land. After dark, with a campfire for warmth, they took turns resting in their tents, always with someone awake to look upward, but they did not see mysterious craft of any kind that night.



Bill journeyed to Rachel, Nev., with Valley Press editor Dennis Anderson and Daniel Carnahan, an experienced visitor to the Area 51 perimeter. They stopped at the Little Aâ•˙Leâ•˙Inn, owned by Pat and Joe Travis, just off state Highway 375, designated by the governor of Nevada as ╲The Extraterrestrial Highway.╡ They bought lunch and souvenirs, including caps, patches, pins and ╲alien drivers licenses╡ before visiting the perimeter and camping out for the night nearby.

Bill stands safely away from the sign near the border of fabled Area 51, where secret "black world" aircraft are tested. The sign says, "Warning. Restricted area. Deadly force authorized." Area 51 is near Rachel, Nev., just off state Highway 375.





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