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Anthologies with short stories by William F. Wu

Short stories often have a short shelf life; magazines only remain for sale until the next issue appears and anthologies only remain on store shelves if they prove their worth to the public. If readers enjoy anthologies, however, they can remain in print indefinitely, just as any other book.

The anthologies on this page have received both critical and popular acclaim. All can be ordered if they are not in stock at your book store. Other anthologies in Bill's List of Publications may also be available.

Star Wars Book Cover STAR WARS: Tales from Jabba's Palace , ed. Kevin J. Anderson.

"And Then There Were Some" follows the efforts of a Gamorrean Guard -- a member of the species that resembles giant green pigs and are the least intelligent of the intelligent life in the Star Wars universe -- as he tries very hard to solve a murder or two.

Free Space Book Cover Free Space , ed. Brad Linaweaver and Ed Kramer.

"Kwan Tingui" centers on a mysterious but wealthy, elderly woman looking back on her life in space; the man from Earth who comes looking for her, claiming to be her brother; and the man who arranges their meeting and has knowledge of secrets that could mean a fortune in gold -- if he chooses to sell them.

Not of Woman Born book cover Not of Woman Born, ed. Constance Ash.

"Island of the Ancestor" offers a look at a young man who was been cloned from the remains of a distant ancestor -- and is now worshipped as a deity reborn at the temple where he works, on a small island largely converted into an amusement park. Yet he is a prisoner as much as a deity. His own beliefs are uncertain and if he decides he has had enough, he will have to escape his own benefactor's security guards to escape.

Crime Through Time book cover Crimes Through Time II, ed. Miriam G. Monfredo and Sharan Newman.

"The Hungry Ghost of Panamint" tells a tale of Chinese immigrant laborers in the mountains above Death Valley, at a time when white men's law had no interest in their concerns. When a laborer is murdered, his closest friend has to solve the mystery on his own -- and seek his own justice.

American Dragon

Bill was honored and delighted to participate in this anthology of stories by Asian American writers, edited by award-winning author Laurence Yep. When Bill was in graduate school, Larry came to the University of Michigan to speak to the School of Education. Bill met him on that occasion and took him to the Eye of Agamatto, a comic book store on State Street at that time, where they both updated their comic book collections.




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