12 Seconds of Screen Time

Laughing Dead

Bill is an extra in the 1989 horror movie, "S.P. Somtow's The Laughing Dead." On the video cover, he is in makeup on the far right. Starring Tim Sullivan and Wendy Webb, the movie features many fantasy and science fiction writers and editors, as well as critics and fans, in both speaking roles and as extras. Bill appears as Zombie #4, toward the end of the film; he estimates he is on screen about twelve seconds, including a death scene -- or a re-death scene, since as a zombie he had been brought back from the dead once already.

Wu as a Zombie!
Bill, the zombie

Wu/Webb as zombies

Wu gets an elbow

In preparing for the role of Zombie #4, Bill endured two hours of makeup each day for several days, as the special effects crew distorted his face and painted him blue. He observes: "Two hours to make me a zombie, and everyone who sees me on screen says, "I recognized you immediately!"

The Internet Movie Data Base lists Bill for two Hollywood credits.




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