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Bill's collection of Jack Hong stories, which developed a following in Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine, is available only as an e-book from Scorpius Digital Publications.

Area 51


A casual autobiographical bio


Notable Publications
  1. Bill's latest work, a new e-book, the collection of Jack Hong stories, just became available online.
  2. Anthologies with short stories by William F. Wu can all be found in used book stores on the Internet.
  3. Isaac Asimov's Robot City Re-released
  4. Isaac Asimov's Robots in Time Re-released
  5. Hong on the Range, Bill's serio-comic cyber western, has just come out as an e-book from Scorpius Digital Publications.
  6. Hong on the Range
    Wong's Lost and Found Emporium and Other Oddities
  7. Foreign Covers
  1. A Detour into The Twilight Zone
  2. He'll Wu you
  3. An Homage to Damon Knight
  4. Mongols on the Great Wall
  5. Subterranean generation: Why not underground cities?
  6. Young Adult science fiction novels
Rob Chilson, a lio
lio -- from Lying bIOgraphy --
a humorous biographical note, a literary 'roast' -- origin unknown (Rob Chilson).
12 Seconds of Screen Time
Did you know Bill advised The Batman on a case?
Career Mementoes
Photos with Friends and Colleagues
Wu Family Publications
Wu, Wu, Wu -- Whoo!
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NOMINATED FIVE TIMES for the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Awards, William F. Wu has published over a dozen novels as well as over 50 short stories that have appeared in a wide variety of magazines and anthologies, which include Omni Magazine and the best-selling 1996 STAR WARS: Tales from Jabba's Palace.

On panels at science fiction conventions where he has frequently been guest of honor and toastmaster, Wu is known for his contemporary fantasy short stories, such as "Wong's Lost and Found Emporium," a multiple award nominee that was adapted into an episode of the television series The Twilight Zone.

Popular in school libraries for his historical accuracy and action-adventure, Wu is often a requested speaker for students in middleschool history and literature classes. He is the author of more than a dozen novels including the 6-volume young adult science fiction series from Avon titled Isaac Asimov's Robots in Time. With a Ph.D. in American Culture, Wu has taught college writing courses and led creative writing workshops for writers of all ages.

His most acclaimed book, Hong on the Range, was chosen for the Wilson Library Bulletin's list of science fiction "Books Too Good To Miss" and was a selection for the American Library Association list of Best Books for Young People, the New York Public Library's Recommended Books for the Teen Age, and was also a Young Adult Editor's Choice by Booklist Magazine. The novel is based on Wu's Hugo and Nebula Award nominee "Hong's Bluff," which first appeared in Omni Magazine.

Hong on The Range has been adapted into a comic book trilogy by Fly Paper Press for Image Comics and is in development for film and television entertainment with Matinee Entertainment.

William F. Wu

Bill stands in an arched doorway
at a watch tower on the Great Wall
of China at Mutianyu on July 4, 2000.




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